Interview schedule template

Give a great first impression by sending a warm video message inviting promising applicants to book a live interview.

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Find the moment to meet candidates in real time with this interview scheduling template. Connect it to your favorite calendar app for automated, hassle-free scheduling.


Start by thanking candidates and letting them know they’ve been successful in the first recruitment stage. Then, let them pick a time that works for the live interview with the calendar answer type.

Follow up

Close it out by checking if candidates have any questions or want to learn more. You’ll get their responses in your videoask inbox, and you can redirect candidates who want to learn more to a webpage with info about the recruitment process.


Can I integrate this template with my candidate interview scheduling software?

Yes! Videoask works with Calendly, HubSpot Meetings, Squarespace’s Acuity Scheduling, and OnceHub. Just copy and paste your calendar link into the calendar answer type—and voila! You’ve automated your job interview schedule.

How can I redirect candidates to a webpage?

Can I sync my videoask to my Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

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